Tuesday, February 20

Student Council

The following students have been selected to be members of the Student Council for this school year.

Karina Mowry, Chloe Zabawa, Beautifull Childs, Adrianna Rice, Michelle Ramirez-Ortiz, Christian Schulz, Grace Cathey, Levi Palacios Gonzalez, Jeremy Rodriguez, Paloma Altamirano-Picache, Violeta Hernandez-Juarez, Angel Ramirez Martinez, Nanichi Signore Flores, Carter Walls, Vanasia Thomas, Frida Quintana Lopez, Natalia Booker, Tirna Jordan, McKenzie Sutherland, Jazzmin Sheckles, Simeon Cheeks, Liliana Gonzalez Chavez, Dalia Moran, Brook Zabawa, Bethany Amick.

Student Council is sponsored by Ms. Hockersmith.


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