The mission of Greater Clark County Schools is to assure that every student graduates and is accepted to a post-secondary opportunity.  In order to meet that goal, students must not only have academic skills, but also the soft skills or process skills necessary to succeed in their chosen post secondary experience.


To this end Greater Clark staff members have worked hard on a system to instruct students on the expectations that exist in the school and career settings.  We introduced this program to our students this week. It is called PRIDE.


PRIDE is essential for our students not only as a means to teach and reinforce behavior expectations in our schools, but, more importantly, to assure our students graduate prepared to succeed in their chosen post-secondary opportunity.

The acronym for PRIDE stands for:

Persistance — persevere through challenges, problem solve

Respectfulness — accept and serve others, possess a positive attitude, communicate clearly

Initiative — self starters, critical thinkers

Dependability —  academic readiness, reliable, demonstrate responsibility and teamwork

Efficiency — organized, punctual, self management



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