Monday, November 19

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What Parents Can Do At Home to Help Students with Math

Math is around us all the time.  And in today’s high-tech society, everyone needs a strong foundation in math to be successful.  Workers need quick reasoning and problem-solving skills.  They need to estimate and use mathematical thinking.

Even calculators and computers, which some said would make math outdated, require students to have good math skills.  In fact, because calculators are only as accurate as the people operating them, these machines make it even more important for student to have strong mental math skills so they can tell quickly if the answer is reasonable.

Sometimes, children don’t see how useful math can be.  Parents can help.  When you or your child use math in your everyday activities, point it out.  Did your child glance at the clock to see how many minutes remain before his favorite TV show?  That’s math.  Did he figure out how many weeks’ allowance it will take before he can buy a new video game?  That’s math, too.  During the next few weeks we will be sharing some math tips with you.

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