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Parent Tips

You are as important as your children’s teachers in their academic careers!  Support and movtivate your youngsters to do their best in school.

Make School Important

Ask how school was every day.  Convey your love of education and insist on good attendance and punctuality.

Develop a “School Checklist”

Insure that your children leave for school and come home with everything they need.

Create a Study Routine

Set a time and quiet place for your children to work every day.  Have all study tools easily accessible.  Allow study breaks every 20 minutes or so and provide healthful snacks.

Be Available

When children are studying or preparing for tests, be available, but don’t give answers to questions.  Prompt children to get the answer on their own.

Recognize Learning Styles

Not all children learn best in the same way.  By identifying your children’s learning styles, you can help them progress faster.  Simple assessments are available in every good bookstore and on the internet.  Have fun giving one to your children, and then follow the directions on how to use the information it provides.  For starters, consider the following differences in how people learn best:

  • Visual — learn best from seeing.
  • Auditory — learn best from hearing.
  • Kinesthetic — learn best from touching, doing and moving.

Praise Success and Progress

Shout “bravo” at every opportunity, whether for success or small steps of progress.  You may choose to reward with words of praise, small gifts or toys, hugs, dinner at a favorite restaurant or special dinner at home.  A “certificate of achievement” may please your youngsters.  Use any award that has special meaning for them.

Read, Read, Read!

Read with your children or have them read to you every day.  Make it fun by talking about what you have read.

Provide Learning Experiences

Expose your children to learning experiences.  This can include visits to museums, as well as have shelves filled with books and other learning materials at home.

Encourage Independent Thinking

Allow your children to make mistakes and learn from their consequences.

Get Involved

Meet with your children’s teachers, attend school events and help out at school if you can.


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