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Building Family Togetherness

Regardless of what constitutes your “family,” the feeling of being a family member is important for the healthy growth and development of your children.  Building family bonds with memories and traditions can help support your children’s sense of security.  Whether you are a two-parent family or a single parent, you can give children a sense of family by:


Doing Things Together

These could include: Singing.  Listening to the rain.  Flying Kites.  Making mud pies.  Making dandelion crowns.  Drawing picture on the sidewalk with chalk.  Having a tea party.  Taking walks or riding bikes.  Playing games. Going to the movies.  Reading.  Simply being together!


Holding Family Meetings

Meetings help bring the family together.  Kindergarten-age children are capable of being part of a short and simple meeting.  Starting early will establish the family meeting as a tradition.  Plan meetings to discuss and write down family rules and the consequences of disobeying them.  Hold meetings to discuss good things, too.  Meetings can be held to celebrate a school or family success or to decide how to reinforce and increase progress.


Preventing Isolation

While it’s natural for children to seek out some privacy, isolation within their own family is a problem that must be addressed.  Use your active listening skills to draw out any of your children who seem isolated and find out if something is wrong.


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