Saturday, November 17

Parent Tip

Disciplining with Love

By treating your children fairly and firmly, you will establish a positive connection for life.  You will also provide them with a firm foundation of solid values and necessary boundaries.

  • When disciplining, act as soon as possible so your children associate the misbehavior with its consequences. But take the time to respond, not react.  You can tell your children, “I need to think about this for a bit.”
  • Be respectful, even when disciplining, and always focus on the behavior, not the child.
  • Fit the consequences to the behavior. For instance, if your child paints on the wall, have the punishment be to clean it off.  If apologies are in order, have your child make them.
  • Be brief in your scolding. Children stop listening if scolding is excessive.
  • Follow through. If you children are supposed to lose a privilege or expect a consequence because of some misbehavior, be sure it happens.  It is important for your children to know that your word counts and to learn from the consequences of their actions.
  • Avoid using physical punishment on children. Otherwise, you teach them that it’s OK to control others by using intimation and physical force.  Beside, you can cause serious harm.  If you feel you are getting angry enough to do something you will regret, take a time-out yourself until you are calmer.


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