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7 Steps for Developing Your Children’s Self-Esteem

By building your children’s self-esteem, you will elp them feel good about themselves and gain the confidence needed to meet life’s challenges.

Step 1

Use “praise words” often with your children.  Praise helps build self-confidence.

Step 2

Give compliments every chance you get.  We take a lot of things our children do for granted.  When they clear the table, do their homework, or feed the dog, “Thanks!”  Otherwise, you are missing a great chance to reinforce the behavior you want.

Step 3

Acknowledge special efforts.  Notice when your children do something special, such as display their best manners at a restaurant, dress nicely for school, or say “please” and “thank you” without your coaxing.  All of these deserve your praise.

Step 4

Recognize each good decision.  When your children make the wiset choice in any situation, point it out with a smile and a hug.  We are often tempted to compliment from the negative perspective, such as, “It’s about time you did it right.”  this reaction is actually a put-down.

Step 5

Avoid put-downs, even as jokes.  Children take them seriously.  They may not admit it, may even laugh with you, but on some level they believe the put-down is deserved and this contributes to poor self-esteem.

Step 6

Praise academic achievements.  An “A” is a wonderful grade, but it is not the only grace deserving of praise.  Encourage progress by praising all achievements, big and small.

Step 7

Don’t compare your children.  “Your older brother was able to do this faster” only discourages a child and cause resentment.  Remember that each child is different and special.

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