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What Parents Can do at Home to Help Students with Math:

Build an Interest in Math With Sports Statistics

Many students who have never developed much interest in math start to see its importance when they develop an interest in sports.  As you’re watching a game with your young sports fan, help him keep his own statistics.  For example, ask:

¨ What percentage of passes did the quarterback complete in the first quarter? number of throws caught ÷ number of throws

¨ What percentage of three-point shots did your favorite team make? number of baskets ÷ number of three-point attempts

¨ How do you compute a baseball pitcher’s Earned Run Average (ERA)?  multiply the number runs charged (not counting errors) by 9 innings, then divide by the number of innings he pitched  A basketball  player’s field goal percentage? number of baskets made ÷ field goal shots taken

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