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What Parents Can do at Home to Help Students with Math:

Help Older Student Get Over Math Anxiety

Some student may be so anxious about math that they can’t do their best.  Here are some teacher-tested tips on turning math anxiety into math success:

  • Point out that boys and girls can do equally well in math. The idea that boys are better than girls in math is a cultural myth unique to some countries.  In other countries, the belief is that girls are naturally better than boys in math — and the girls are expected to help the boys learn math.
  • Be positive. Students who think they can do well in math usually do.  Kids know that an “I can do it!” attitude helps in sports and many other areas.  Tell your child that attitude also makes a difference in math.
  • Be prepared. They way to do well in math is by studying every day.  There is no magic to success in music, reading, spelling or any other subject, including math.  The key is to study and practice, practice, practice.
  • Use errors as learning opportunities. If your child gets a problem wrong on a test, have her rework it as soon as possible.  Nearly everything can be learned through trial and error.  Your child will try something, figure out what she did wrong, try again, do a little better and try again — until she gets it right.  That’s how she learned to talk, walk, ride a bike and write her name — and it’s true for math, too.

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